Shiney shiney shiney business cards

Shiney shiney shiney, originally uploaded by JamFactory.

Wow, these are some colorful & shiny business cards. very cool design.

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Tandem Design ID Package

Tandem Design ID package by mariatherese444.

Some very stylish designs with a very “in” color scheme right now designed by the company for the company.

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Business Cards, originally uploaded by

Mike Rice Business Cards

1/11/09 New business cads arrived. Printed front and back. Clean and simple. Photo/Mike Rice

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Re-purposed Envelopes

Re-purposed Envelopes by dinnertimechimes.

A neat idea that uses old envelopes turned inside out for the security design and lined inside with pieces of magazines.

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Business Card (png file) by docpop.

One of the most creative, and possibly plagiarized, business cards I’ve seen yet! This is the backside of the card that was originally a screenshot of the contacts menu in an iPhone, but was retouched for a higher quality print.

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Denise Jacobs Latest business card, front

Latest business card, front, originally uploaded by Denise Jacobs.

Great business card design and wonderful use of space & colors.

Denise Jacobs
Web Solutions Consultant

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Seeds of Independence

seedsofindependance by hire.sandy.

A simple letterhead and business card set that look good without being over flashy.

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Altoids Business Card Holder

How I carry my business cards by Pathfinder Linden.

Okay so it may not be as cool as other card holders, but it’s probably a better investment provided your cards fit.

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Embroidery Evelope

embroidery envelope 1 by gunnelĀ“s.

That’s right, just a regular envelope with some stitching thrown in. Another good idea to give any envelope a second chance at life.

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Bambini Letterhead Design

Letterhead Design by [ozono ad].

When this shows up in your mailbox, I don’t think it’s going to go with the junkmail on purpose with that color scheme. It’s bright without being overpowering.

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